Department Of Defense

Protecting National Security

The Secretary of Defense recognized the significance of the cyberspace domain to national security and directed the establishment of the United States Cyber Command (CYBERCOM).  The primary objective of CYBERCOM is to integrate the cyberspace operations capabilities of the services and agencies in support of the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace.

In response, the Marine Corps established Marine Forces Cyber (MARFORCYBER). The mission of MARFORCYBER, in addition to its standard service component responsibilities, is to: plan, coordinate, integrate, synchronize, and direct the Corps' full spectrum of cyberspace operations to include Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO).

Under the Operational Command of MARFORCYBER, the Marine Corps Network Operations and Security Center (MCNOSC) located at Marine Corps Base Quantico executes DCO in support of operational requirements in order to enhance freedom of action across all warfighting domains, while denying the efforts of adversaries to degrade or disrupt this advantage through cyberspace. The mission of the MCNOSC is to direct global Network Operations (NETOPS) and computer network defense of the Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN) and to provide technical leadership in support of Marine and joint forces operating worldwide.

Yyotta is leading an effort to bring together the Community of Practice across academia, industry, and government to address the collective need for cyber security education, training, and readiness.  This, somewhat non-traditional, collaboration will include the Marine Corps as well as others in DOD, local and state level agencies within the Commonwealth of Virginia, and federal agencies as well as partners from academia and industry.

Marine Corps Base Quantico has always been viewed as the "Crossroads of the Corps" and Yyotta is proud to be "on point" with this innovative initiative in cyberspace.


"Just as the inter-war years provided the service with opportunities to experiment with new concepts and capabilities, the post-OIF/OEF future is one full of opportunity for imagination, experimentation, adaptation, and innovation."

General Robert B. Neller
Commandant of the Marine Corps