Customer On-premise
Edge Datacenter-as-a-Service


Our array on-premise directed services are architected to address critical IT infrastructures on customer premises, where latency, distributed data sources, applications, platforms and broad access to systems across locations, devices, and geographies may all come into play.

Turnkey Modular Data Center
Tailored colocation alternatives for offloading or overflow

Is your enterprise datacenter out of capacity or needs modernization? Move beyond the performance shortcomings and cost disadvantages of legacy systems and traditional data center outsourcing.

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IXP via fiber backbones

Simplify high-performance access and improve the performance of your applications, platforms and cloud services across the enterprise – for all users.

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Managed Services
Improve Operations, Agility and Cost Containment

Enhance and move beyond legacy systems and infrastructure approaches for enterprise and...

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Converged or Hyper-Converged
IT Infrastructure-as-a-Service
A Next-Generation Approach to Cyber Security Readiness

Innovate, leverage and experience the advantages of fusing turnkey modular datacenter space and proven converged and hyper-converged compute and storage infrastructure (or services) to solve your mission needs and budget expectations.



"Innovation isn't always about technology, it's sometimes a new way of doing things. And the Pentagon is in dire need of new ways to do business."

Pierre Chao
Founding Partner, Renaissance Strategic Advisors


Welcome to Yyotta (pronounced “why yo ta"), sourced from the word yottabyte.  A yottabyte (YB), according to the International System of Units (SI), is defined as one septillion bytes. In orders of magnitude, one YB = 10 to the 24th power or one trillion terra-bytes. It's a big number. Yyotta is tackling a big problem.

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