Yyotta delivers network choice to Quantico IT enterprises.

Introducing the Yyotta Internet Exchange Point (Yyotta IXP), a purpose built partnership with the region’s premier property developer, offering network choice to the Quantico Corporate Center’s tenants and to the regions IT public and private enterprises. We designed, built and managed the Yyotta IXP to expand connectivity solutions to the region from today's leading Internet and dark fiber providers.

The Yyotta IXP extends its value by offering hosted applications from multiple IT service platforms riding private “unclassified” networks providing enterprises private and public with options to scale.

Yyotta initially developed the IXP to respond to the demand of a teaching and training platforms for the Commonwealth of Virginia's cyber workforce. While the Yyotta IXP platform at Quantico Corporate Center is designed and engineered to adapt to U.S. Government standards and to scale across compliance regulations for classified or cleared-contractor program requirements, at its heart, the platform is programmed for 24/7 unclassified commercial use operating at the speed of business.

With Yyotta IXP, network operators reduce cost and service turn-up times to more effectively and efficiently serve every enterprise in the market. The IXP immediately expands access and revenue in the Quantico market for network providers through a services platform and ecosystem that increases revenue velocity and market access.

Yyotta IXP is fiber-rich, carrier-neutral and in the right location -- Quantico Corporate Center.

When you’re connected through Yyotta, you'll get  access to:

  • Dark and Lit Connectivity
  • AWS Direct Connect, Internet 2 or government grade networks
  • Public, private and hybrid cloud options
  • Service infrastructure from a growing roster of network providers

Expansion in-progress to add the following networks:

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Working with Yyotta, creating a single entry point of entry into Quantico allows us to serve every tenant in business park without running multiple costly fiber runs. In fact, without this solution, serving a single tenant would have not have been cost justified.

Brinkley Moore
Vice President Operations
AOC Connect

If your preferred network provider is not listed above please contact us and we will facilitate the addition of your provider into IXP.  Lets talk!