Yyotta has assembled a number of partnerships with a large array of solutions providers and proven government contractors to help you with your IT infrastructure and Learning Management System (LMS). From offsite data storage and hosted unified communications to transformational cloud deployments and LMSs, our iFortress Data Center is Army Corp of Engineers (ACE) compliant, secure and a proven solutions to help you be more agile, nimble and productive. Together, we can help you create flexible solutions that meet all of your IT infrastructure services and procurement needs.

Each Partner is a strategic conduit to understanding the future of cybersecurity readiness. Yyotta is aligned with key Cyber and IT industry leaders. Our carefully built relationships with these allied parties allow Yyotta to stay on the leading edge of engineering advancements and next generation information technology know how and practices. We know where progress is coming from and understand where it is headed.

Yyotta’s distinguished management team and board of advisors are deeply connected to the Cybersecurity Community of Practice. Our partners recognize this and YYOTTA’s commitment to excellence.



National CyberSecurity Initiative

In January 2008, the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI) was launched by President George W. Bush in National Security Presidential Directive 54... 


Protecting National Security

The Secretary of Defense recognized the significance of the cyberspace domain to national security and directed the establishment of the United States Cyber Command (CYBERCOM).