IT users and customers expect access anywhere, anytime, and on any device from interfaces that engage them and make their lives easier through simple intuitive interaction and management.

Successful businesses in the commercial market require the ability to change and increasingly to adapt quickly, to be agile with evolving IT technologies and be flexible to the needs of business customers.  Yyotta's principals have  a lengthly heritage serving the commercial market and delivering this flexibility.

The commercial IT market is changing rapidly and businesses need to remain relevant with their users and customers. Identifying trends from existing patterns of buyer’s behavior, then using those patterns to predict and pick the likely direction or outcome of their decision is one way to consider it. This applies to the four fastest growing trends in the digital-tech world of big data analytics, wireless mobility, cloud computing and network security.

Change is never easy, and with Yyotta infrastructure services, we help you to conform to policies and regulations in commercial markets such as finance, health care, and utilities. Technology is moving rapidly introducing innovative concepts, approaches and capabilities. How do businesses become more agile and remain relevant and compliant in our new global economy? By partnering and plugging into secure network infrastructure powered by Yyotta.

And, by removing the capital expense of acquiring and refreshing IT and network equipment, Yyotta further reduces the recurring operating expense of optical connectivity to private virtual IT infrastructure as a computing service available in the cloud. This change will enable access to unlimited bandwidth capacity and will provision its use by actual consumption, like a utility service.