Situated 30 miles south of Washington, DC in the Quantico Corporate Center located in Stafford, VA, and 600 yards from the South Gate of US Marine Corps Base Quantico, Yyotta is well positioned to deliver Internet connectivity and datacenter services to the region’s government, intelligence and law enforcement IT users.

The Yyotta Internet Exchange Point (IXP) and Datacenter facility offers high-availability connectivity, datacenter and managed services to a maturing market with an ample supply of professional and technical talent. The initial 2,480 ft² facility features two (2) secure data rooms, multiple global connectivity options, making it ideal for the region’s unique IT connections.  The first of two data rooms is available beginning June 2016.

The IXP delivers mission-critical infrastructure to an area underserved with dedicated datacenter facilities. Initial customer demand has led to immediate expansion projects, including a large scale datacenter to offload additional workload nearby planned for 2017.

Inside the Quantico Datacenter

The IXP and Datacenter is a iFortress™ modular datacenter facility with multiple independent distribution paths serving all equipment. It has state-of-the-art electrical and mechanical systems to provide concurrently maintainable environments that support mission-critical, enterprise-scale datacenter requirements.

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Facility Facts

Why iFortress™?

Today's IT departments are putting more and more reliance on its computing environments seeking high performance and security, Yyotta delivers this assurance with the proven performance of iFortress™ modular data center facility.  Yyotta adds the added benefit from a fiber-rich environment that enhances Yyotta’s vendor-neutral connectivity options.

What are industry analysts and U.S. Government research labs saying about iFortress™ ?

Representative sample of iFortress™ deployments:



AICPA Audit SOC1 Type2

AICPA SOC logoEach year, an external auditing firm completes SOC 1 Type 2 reviews of all data centers operated by Yyotta LLC. The report provides our customers with assurance of corporate controls, including security and environmental compliance, and validate of Yyotta’s commitment to stringent standards of excellence in our datacenter operations.

SOC1 is an attestation standard issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) that addresses examination engagements of service providers. Yyotta leadership developed internal control objectives to support first-class datacenter management services that were used to complete the SOC 1 examination. The SOC 2 examination uses a standardized, third-party criteria to validate Yyotta compliance outlined n the Trust Services Principles.

U.S. Army Research Laboratory Survivability/Lethality Directorate

The ARL Survivability/Lethality Directorate is the premier source ARL logoof  expertise in survivability, lethality and vulnerability (SLV) assessments, for senior leaders, developers and evaluators helping to ensure that U.S. personnel and equipment survive and function effectively in hostile circumstances.

SLAD conducts analytical investigations, modeling and simulations, and laboratory and field experiments to provide its analyses as well as technical advice, and to be the subject-matter expert on survivability and lethality matters to program executive officers (PEOs) and program managers (PMs), users, testers, the Army's independent evaluator, and other customers. SLAD products support milestone decisions concerning critical operational survivability and lethality issues for Army systems with critical survivability issues that could affect Soldiers' lives. In order to best serve the Military market's analytical needs, Yyotta and partners leverage both research conducted by ARL SLAD.

The SLAD mission area is responsible for conducting survivability analyses of C4ISR systems in threat environments. ARL performs information assurance/computer network operations and electronic warfare analyses to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend mitigation techniques.

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