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Cybersecurity education and training is needed across a broad spectrum of personnel and agencies.  The Department of Defense recognized this “workforce” issue by articulating the need for Information Assurance training for all members of the workforce whether they be active duty military, government civilian, or support contractor.

This cybersecurity education and training need is indeed necessary across the Community of Practice.  The cybersecurity threat is agnostic to the organization who owns the infrastructure so the core body of knowledge for cybersecurity personnel should also be unrelated to operational context.  Yyotta will bring together local, state, and federal organizations as well as Department of Defense agencies to discuss cybersecurity related issues and threats to determine common solutions across the community of practice.

Virginia Global Cyber Security Initiative


The reality of the Yyotta Internet Exchange and Datacenter at Quantico Corporate Center and the Regional Center for Workforce Education and Training (RCWET) at the Woodbridge campus of Northern Virginia Community College (“NOVA”) enable a major leap forward for the region, especially in the area of cyber security related education, training, and readiness.

The Virginia Global Cybersecurity Initiative (VGCI) was born from many discussions with government, industry, and academia over many years.  The timing is now and Yyotta will be the power behind cyber security readiness.

A trained and qualified cyber workforce remains a significant challenge for the region proximate to Marine Corps Base Quantico, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the nation.  Yyotta will help meet that challenge through partnerships with industry and academia as well as by collaborating with local, state, and federal government.  The intent of the VGCI is to facilitate that dialogue and Yyotta will empower the progress and solutions.

DoD CyberSecurity Range

The DoD CyberSecurity Range fully supports two critical elements of the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI) by increasing security of our classified networks and expanding cyber education.  It is operated and maintained by ManTech International Corporation for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).  The DoD CyberSecurity Range enables the creation of a Cyber Warrior maneuver area to support specific customer mission requirements.  

Non-Classified Cyber Range

Yyotta intends to establish a Non-Classified Cyber Range (NCCR) at Quantico Corporate Center in Stafford, Virginia that essentially mirrors existing Department of Defense (DOD) environments.  Yyotta will make this “sandbox” environment available for open access by research and educational (R&E) institutions to simulate and test cybersecurity attack and defense algorithms and models.  This same environment can be used to deliver workforce training and certification programs across the “Community of Practice” that includes government and industry.

The following leaders in DoD, Higher Education and Industry are stakeholders in the NCCR:


Cybersecurity Education & Training Platforms

There is a multitude of cybersecurity education and training platforms that span credentialed education, certificate based training, and state of the art operationally oriented training.  Yyotta will be partnering with National Security Agency designated Centers of Academic Excellence, recognized industry leaders in certified training, and organizations provisioning operationally oriented leading edge training.  A representative sample of these platforms include the following:


"Just as the inter-war years provided the service with opportunities to experiment with new concepts and capabilities, the post-OIF/OEF future is one full of opportunity for imagination, experimentation, adaptation, and innovation."

General Robert B. Neller
Commandant of the Marine Corps

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