Storage as a Service

Offload your IT storage management to us. Explore how Yyotta Storage-as-a-Service can address your needs. Seamlessly migrate from your current Software Defined Storage (SDS) solution to a Yyotta SDS solution.

Software defined storage continues to grow within the data center - more than half of all organizations are committed to adopting SDS as part of their long-term strategy. One of the biggest benefits of Software Defined Storage is the ability to run advanced software on low cost high performance commodity x86 hardware. However, some SDS solutions haven't delivered on the promise of ease of management, customer support, security or workflow automation and simplification.

Companies are turning to Yyotta and migrating from their existing SDS solutions to take advantage of the features and benefits of RackTop's BrickStor OS and myRack manager while leveraging their existing hardware investment.

All customers both small and large receive the best support and receive the benefit of a named support manager. Yyotta offers 24/7 support by phone or email.


  • Hardware Validation
  • Data and Permissions Validation and Verification
  • Health Check


  • Schedule
  • Priorities
  • Migration
  • User Impact Mitigation


  • Data and System Migration
  • Permissions Configuration
  • Testing


  • Move to Production
  • Final User Validation Testing
  • Monitor
  • Full Support

Migration Success

Our Project Management Process ensures a safe, measured and successful approach to customer migration.

Learn more today and speak with an expert about how we would lead and perform your migration. Call today for more details.

If you are moving from an OpenZFS Linux, Unix, for FreeBSD based solution to BrickStorOS it is even easier. RackTop has experience with the popular flavors of ZFS including community operating systems such as Open Indiana, Omni OS, Illumos and ZoL as well as the offerings from companies including but not limited to FreeNAS, TrueNAS, QuantaStor and NexentaStor.