Managed Colocation


While Colocation removes the hassle of housing servers, saves you money on infrastructure and allows your IT team to get back to innovating, our Managed Colocation solution makes it even easier with our expert staff and partner ecosytem taking over everything from the installation to the updating and management of your equipment. With our Technical Support and Service, we’ll monitor and manage your equipment 24/7, giving you and your IT team the freedom to focus on more important matters – your core business or mission!

With Yyotta Managed Colocation

  • We can set up, configure and install your hardware for you.
  • Yyotta delivers the power, ping and pipe for your servers.
  • You receive 24/7 Intensive Support from our NOC Engineers for your managed infrastructure and applications.
  • Our support staff will suggest upgrades and service changes as needs change.
  • Your company receives the benefits of a highly secure data center.
  • Yyotta offers 100% Uptime Guarantees for both power and network, in writing.

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Benefits of Managed Colocation

We will monitor, manage, install and update everything for you while also adding redundancy and resiliency to keep your equipment safe, secure and up and running.

Your equipment is housed safely and securely with Yyotta, returning valuable space back to your business.

You’ll have reliable power and fast connection speed without having to worry about building your own infrastructure.

Because of computer equipment and data is located off-site, your IT team can focus on other aspect of your business or mission.

While you can own the computer equipment, you’re not investing in building and managing your own data center.

You have right-sized your data center and can have access control along with the freedom of choice of network connectivity.

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